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Simulation ATC Tools

This is a central place to find tools that allow for lookups and provide utility when controlling on Virtual Air Traffic Control networks. Each tool provides a distinct piece of functionality. The main purpose for initially developing this project was just to make my own communication (when controlling) between myself and pilots more professional. We've all had the moment where we don't know a callsign and say "United Alpha Lima 654" or we don't recognise an airport and clear a pilot to their "destination".

All the data for this application has been sourced from Wikipedia, from the appropriate sections (Callsigns, Airports, and Aircraft). Custom Callsigns and Aircraft can be included for Virtual Airlines or Experimental Aircraft that were never assigned an ICAO code. To get these added, please email [email protected].

For help, hover over the ⓘ icon next to each header (to be implemented). If you have some feedback, send a message to [email protected] or lodge an issue on our GitHub Project.